Exceptional Water Damage Restoration Service

We received exceptional water damage restoration services from SP Cleaning Services last week. Unfortunately our maid left the tap open while I and my wife were at our offices. When we returned home, our house was in a mess. Thankfully we had our senses to call up SP Cleaning Services immediately who came within 30 minutes and rescued our precious carpet. Their water restoration methodology was flawless. Everyone on the team knew their task well and they worked in co-ordination to restore our carpets. After two days it was completely dry and these people came over to complete the task of sanitizing. Thanks for such a comprehensive service.
- - Eleni Dimadis

Sparkling Tiles

We gifted ourselves sparkling tiles this festival season. With the help of SP Cleaning Services, we didn’t have to do much. We just called them up and soon our floors were turned into something absolutely clean, hygienic, beautiful, and the tiles look stunning! Thank you.
- - Damien Clayton

Absolutely Stunning Grout Recoloring

As suggested by SP Cleaning Services we opted for grout recoloring instead of replacing the grouts. And it was a wonderful suggestion. It not just saved our time but our money too. The task was completed within a day and the floors look surprisingly new. What a service!
- - Alan Walsh

Affordable Carpet Restoration Services

If you are looking for affordable carpet restoration services then SP Cleaning Services is the place to be. I have been using their services for more than 3 years. Carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, and carpet water restoration services – I have tried them all. The team here is highly professional and they deliver great results. I have always been a happy customer here and would keep using their services in future too.
- - Brian Cassar

Complete Carpet Stain Removal

My carpet was badly stained as I have kids and pets at home. One of my friends suggested the name of SP Cleaning Services and I called them. At first I found their prices a bit on higher side but when I received their service I was convinced that it is worth every penny. All the stains are gone and the carpet looks so bright and shiny. Would love to have them again for my other carpets too.
- - Angelo Pennisi

I highly recommend SP Cleaning Services Adelaide

SP Cleaning Services Adelaide came to my rescue instantly and accessed the damage occurred immediately. Firstly, they spent a lot of time figuring out the degree of damage in my property. Secondly, took even more time in explaining things to me in minute detail. I am certainly impressed by their team of professionals. I highly recommend SP Cleaning Services Adelaide to anyone around. On top of it their quote is more than fair.
- Paul