How to Prevent Carpet Mould after Water Damage

Plumbing leaks and floods can lead to growth and infestation of harmful mould beneath your home’s carpet flooring. Homeowners who have experienced even a slight amount of water soaking in their carpets either from a broken pipe or flooding know that mould is not something to be ignored. After all, it doesn’t take much for mould to thrive in the perfect environment which a carpet base provides. All they need is a dark little space and some moisture to multiply rapidly.

Carpets that have suffered the double blow of power outages and flooding from storms are particularly susceptible to mould after water damage. These events create a dark, damp, and warm environment — conditions that are a little too perfect for mould and mildew to thrive.

carpet mould after water damage

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

How to Prevent Mould after Carpet Water Damage

The key to avoiding carpet mould after water damage is responsiveness. The sooner you wash and clean up after flood water, the better you can prevent mould from thriving underneath your carpet base. All you need are three simple tools: vacuum cleaners, fans, and a strong cleaning solution. Though it requires a lot of elbow grease, most homeowners are able to prevent the growth of mould after flood water damage. The process is quite simple: drying, some washing, and then some more drying. You can also rent equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process after water damage in carpets.

Mould releases air borne spores from carpet which may aggravate respiratory problems in some people by triggering sore eyes and irritation in the nose, lungs, and throat. Inhaling these spores can also cause severe allergic reactions if you suffer with hay fever. To help you avoid these problems, our today’s article will show you how to prevent mould in carpets after water damage. Follow five easy and simple steps listed below to stay mould free all year round.

Get Rid of Residue Water As Soon As Possible

We recommend either a wet/dry or a powerful industrial-grade vacuum cleaner to suck up maximum amount of water as quickly as possible. These easy to use machines are highly effective in removing water. You can rent them from water damage repair companies which specialize in restoring residential or commercial premises after flood water damage.

Increase Air Circulation to Speed Up The Water Drying Process

A regular fan can will take several days to dry a flood water damaged carpet entirely. They are useful in circulating fresh air, but that’s it. If you rely completely on them to dry your carpet, you efforts will be of no use. You need to rent specialised drying equipment such as air movers, powerful table fans, and dehumidifiers in order to prevent mould in water damaged carpeting. One can easily get them from plumbing rental stores.

Dehumidifiers and air movers suck up microscopic moisture from the carpets which vacuum cleaner fail to remove, limiting the growth of mould. This also makes your home feel cooler and fresher.

Alternatively, we recommend trying out the services of a professional carpet drying service. Their Local Flood Water Damage Restoration in Adelaide expert carpet technicians have the required skill and knowledge to dry your carpet effectively in no time at all.

Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a method which involves shooting hot water through the carpet fabric at high power to get rid of all dirt and debris. In addition to removing visible contaminants, steam cleaning machines also deodorize and sanitise the carpeting. However, unless you call in a professional, you will have to throw out the entire carpet padding.

There is nothing you can do once it gets soaked in polluted flood water. Nonetheless, the cost of replacing only the padding is much less than replacing the entire carpet.


In case of flood damage, everything that has come in contact with contaminated water needs to be sanitised. This includes the furniture and fixtures kept on top of carpets. Use a solution of disinfectant and clear water to wipe all chairs, tables, and sofa placed on or near carpets.

You can also use a solution of one part of chlorine bleach and four parts of water to sanitise your premises. It should be noted that you are not supposed to touch anything that has suffered flood water damage directly. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning up.Don’t Forget The Furniture

Don’t forget your furniture while treating water damaged carpeting. Remove everything placed on carpets to dry them completely.

hot water extraction or steam cleaning

Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

Why Take Any Risk? Call Professional Carpet Drying Services Today!

Cleaning carpets by yourself is a difficult tough job anyway. And it becomes even more difficult when you are dealing with water damage, whether due to leaky pipes or devastating floods. Water contaminated with sewage, mould spores, silt, and mud compound the intricate process of cleaning and drying a carpet.

At Sp Cleaning Services, We use advanced and innovative methods to dry water damaged carpets quickly and effectively. Our trained and experienced team of leading carpet technicians in and around Adelaide offers carpet cleaning services, carpet drying services, flood water damage restoration services, carpet repair services, and much more. Call us today to Schedule an Appointment and get a free quote of our services. You can also get in touch with our team by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen.

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