Emergency Flood Recovery Services Adelaide

We provide 24×7 emergency assist service for water damage and flood damage restoration Adelaide and our team of qualified restorers can reach your destination within the hour anywhere across Adelaide. With an experience of 10 years we have been leaders of the industry and trained to the highest level, we have advance equipment, the experience and the knowledge to take care of absolutely any flood and water damage Adelaide situation large or small.

Our technical team of Water Damage Restoration is certified and qualified enough to manage all types of water and flood damage problems of your home or business.

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Water damage and flood damage Adelaide

Available 24 X 7 for emergency storm damage, flood, washing machine leakage, or just about any water damage to your carpets.

SP Flood Damage Restoration Experts Adelaide

SP Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide specialised in mould Repairs Water Extraction & quick carpet drying services. Available 24 X 7 for emergency storm damage, flood, washing machine leakage, or just about any water damage to your carpets

SP Cleaning Services was established to provide a comprehensive water and flood damage Adelaide emergency and disaster restoration and cleaning service. Water damage and flood damage Adelaide are great issues of concern and stress for your home or business. We approach flood and water damage situation with equal responsibility and with the professionalism required to rectify the situation and dry and restore your home as fast as possible. Our aim is to tend to your damaged environment within an hour across Adelaide in order to make your home or business safe and to begin with the water or fire damage clean up and restoration program.

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Water damage and flood damage spread quickly and spoil the surfaces causing cross contamination and ongoing damage which is not visible immediately. So be fast to dry and clean your wet and water damaged carpets and remove bacteria from contaminated surfaces so that less is your damage bill and the quicker you can put the unfortunate event behind you.

We are industry recognized and certified flood & water damage restoration experts in Adelaide !!! Stop worrying and Call us at

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    Why Choose SP Cleaning Services Adelaide

    • We provide a 24/7 Rapid Response Emergency Service
    • We can be at your home fast to provide urgent assistance
    • Over ten years water damage restoration experience
    • Industry accredited and trained to the highest level
    • Use the latest water extraction and specialized drying equipment
    • We can assist with insurance claims
    • Fair & reasonable pricing

    Most Common Causes of Flooding Adelaide

    Main causes that can result flood in your home or business premises are leaking tap or major storm damage, even a small amount of water can cause serious damage to your property and encourage mould infestations if it is not treated.

    Following are few of the reasons:

    • Leaking taps & burst water pipes
    • Heavy rain & storm damage
    • Overflowing washing machines , bath tubs & sinks
    • Sewage water back-up
    • Blocked gutters & down pipes

    Never let flood water sit

    Flood water should never be left un-treated for too long as it can cause major damage to your home and its contents and mould growth will finally set in. Professional treatment is required whenever a flood like situation arises in your home to prevent any damage and to prevent carpet mould after water damage. We have an expertise in fully restoring your carpets to perfect condition and save your home from any structural damage. So be it flood damage or water damage whatever has hit your property don’t delay and risk further damage, call SP Cleaning Services Adelaide us at 08 6490 9791.

    24×7 Instance Service For all Water and Flood Damage Emergencies Across Adelaide

    Here is an outline of the process which we follow for water and flood damage restoration:

    • Inspection of Damage: To inspect the intensity of damage is the first step. We use our specialized instruments and monitors to figure out the extent of the damage.
    • Possibility Of Works: We carefully plan out the strategy for water extraction, drying and restoration to get the effective results for the restoration of the property. We arrange for you a thorough assessment for flood water damage and provide restoration outlines for your insurance company to support any claims. We provide you a very accurate estimate for the restoration costs and the time required for the different stages in the restoration program.
    • Removal of Water: We make use of highly advanced vacuum equipment for water extraction with heavy amount of airflow and vacuum presser to suck the maximum amount of standing water possible. By eliminating excess water we can significantly reduce minor damage and subsequently reduce the amount of time needed for drying and to bring the building and its substances to reduce moisture content.
    • Controlling Contamination, bad odor and Quality of air: Our experts use ecological friendly anti-bacterial treatment. They disinfect, control and reduce the spread of bacteria to the areas that are damaged by water. Also, protect adjoining surfaces from problems of mould and fungus. Treatments to kill wet odors are done and air filtration device is used to improve the quality of air where there is high risk of reduced air quality.
    • Drying the Wet Surface: High quality air movers and dehumidifiers are used to manage airflow, temperature and humidity and advanced equipment is used for the different categories of water damage. We are efficient enough to treat wet carpets, water damaged underlay and other building materials such as timber and concrete in the most affordable manner. If it is mandatory we lift the wet carpet to effectively dry the wet underlay and the affected subfloor.

    Effective Flood Water Damage Restoration Process Adelaide

    • Drying Of Structural and Commercial Materials: Some content like dry walls, beams, joist and other structures that cannot be dried using standard air movers are dried by using industrial strength drying.
    • Protection and Restoration of Material: To save material from being damaged or to minimize the damage we move all the furniture & the valuable things to a safe place before extracting water. If in any case it is not possible to move we elevate furniture & valuables to minimize water absorption & damage. We can estimate the effect of water damage on material and can organize for restoration where material is safe. This includes cleaning of upholstery, carpet color repair, steam cleaning dried carpet, repair of water damaged art work and the like. Rugs and other items can be taken to other safe place for drying and cleaning. If in any case it seems that the water damaged carpets and wet underlay are not safe we even remove the carpet. Also professionally replay the carpets and underlay.
    • Restoration of Structures: Our qualified Water Damage Restoration Adelaide technicians are expert to manage restoration programs from start to finish. From demolition work to the removal and relaying of floor boards our experts can organize for structures to be rebuilt, re-plastering and painting. We repair water damaged roofs and ceilings and provide solutions for water ingress issues. We have a network of professional trades that understand water damage and how to best manage repair.
    • Monitoring: Our expert team will thoroughly monitor the restoration program from drying right through to cleaning, repairs, rebuild and handover, and make alterations as required according to our conclusion on each monitoring visit. We keep our clients up-to-date on our progress & upfront report any issues with a complete plan.
    • Reporting: We will provide you the final reports of work undertaken and the justification behind actions taken. This reporting assists with insurance claims and lends itself to a quicker and smoother settlement process. We are happy to work with assessors and loss adjusters and understand their requirements.

    Our Specialized Water Drying Equipment Adelaide

    At SP Cleaning Services we use vast range of specialized extraction & drying equipment to ensure the fastest possible drying results.. We are prepared and equipped enough to handle flood and water damage of any intensity. Have a complete the knowledge & experience. We take care of any situation from flooded homes to flooded buildings & shopping centers.

    • Air movers –By blowing high volumes of air it assist with drying.
    • Dehumidifiers –It helps in drying by removing moisture from the air
    • Extraction of Water –Huge amounts of water from the flooded surfaces is extracted by using Portable & Truck Mounted Units.
    • Helping Tools for Extracting Water–Special tools are used to increase airflow during the extraction process thus increasing water removal.
    • Instruments to Detect Moisture–These instruments are used to detect moisture on any floor surface and behind walls and ceilings.These instruments will also measure humidity and temperature levels.
    • Turbo Wall Apertures –These are used to dry walls and any structural drying that may be required.
    • Ozone Creators –To purify the air ozone creators these are often used for sewage water damage restoration, odour removal and mould removal.
    • Fog Machines –Use of Fog machines is done apply anti- bacterial treatments

    If your home or office is affected by flooding of any kind in Adelaide please call SP Cleaning Services Adelaide at 08 6490 9791 which is the most trusted water damage restoration Company.

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    Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

    FAQ’s on Flood Damage Restoration Adelaide

    In Adelaide, do you provide an emergency flood damage restoration service?

    Yes, our professional flood restoration experts are working hard and available 24 hours to take your bookings. Therefore, you can get in touch with us anytime and get an emergency flood damage restoration service. Also, you don’t have to pay anything for emergency services. 

    What are the most common water damage symptoms?

    If you have had a substantial flood, please call us straight away so we can help you with the flood damage. Even if your home did not encounter a significant flood, there are several symptoms of flood damage to be cautious of.  Also, typical reasons include chipping plaster and wallpaper, apparent mould, dampness and humidity.

    How long would it take for my home to dry out and return to usual?

    This relies on two factors: first, the degree of your property’s water damage, and second, how promptly you contact us. If time is not taken to treat the issue, what may appear to be mild flood damage can become severe water damage. We return your property to its original condition via punctuality and innovative solutions.